Stainless Steel Wire Shelving

Stainless Steel Wire Shelving Heavy Duty Type

L   W         Ht : 180cm        

<tier:   2    3    4    5    6 >
76  36  $184 $231 $278 $325 $372
91  46  $214 $276 $338 $400 $462
122 46  $254 $336 $418 $500 $582
Other Available Heights (cm)

Price list in parts—tier prices include plastic clips, posts prices include caps and rubber levellers. Jin Yu Wire Shelving is known for its strength—Every tier has external wire thickness of 6mm di-ameter! Check out the weight of each tier below.

Length Width Price per tier Weight per tier Add. Centre Support
30" 14" $47.50 2.8kg 0
36" 18" $62.50 3.5kg 0
48" 18" $82.50 4.9kg 1
Posts Price/set of 4 Weight/set of 4
3’ $50.00 2.8kg
6’ $90.00 5.7kg

  • Shelves adjust on 1" increments
  • Boltless. No tools required for assembly
  • Optional Cover, Wheels, Fences, Handles Available
  • Load capacity per tier: 200-350kg
  • *Warranty is against manufacturing defects only and it excludes damage due to wear and tear, mishandling and overloading by the user. If user's product or parts are suspected to be modified or used in a manner other than the intended purpose, we reserve the right to remove this service.
  • Jin Yu Wire Shelving is known for its strength. Wires are thick and densely close to one another. And with additional centre supports, our shelves are almost twice as heavy as some others
  • Standard wire shelving features four steel poles/uprights, 1 to 10 feet in height, with rubber levellers
  • Rubber levellers allow adjustments to accommodate uneven floors
  • Shelves are between 14 to 24 inches deep and 2 to 6 feet long
  • Customization of other sizes are also available
  • The shelves have 4 holes on the corners where the poles insert and little plastic clips keep them connected
  • The shelves are held on by circular grooves on the poles which are spaced one inch apart throughout its length, making it extremely easy for the individual shelves to be moved to any height when the unit is fully assembled without taking apart the unit or moving the other shelves
  • No tools are required to assemble or disassemble these shelves, although a rubber mallet is useful
  • Wire shelving is used in a broad range of commercial and home applications. It is often used in restaurant, food service and retail store applications due to its ability to stay clean and resist rust and mould
  • Wire design minimizes dust accumulation and allows ventilation for stereos and other electronic equipment
  • It is also used by retailers, in industrial applications and in home kitchens as well
  • Wire shelving is excellent in areas where fire prevention is stressed because its open design allows sprinkler systems to function where solid shelving might block water flow
  • Chrome-plated steel is highly resistant to scratches, decorative, provide corrosion resistance, ease cleaning procedures and is much cheaper than Stainless-Steel
  • $30 delivery and installation charges regardless of order quantity
  • Up to 15% discount for self-collection